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Outliner (ML36)


For unparalleled efficiency in the adipocyte
Référence : PHENIXML36
ML36 Outliner
ML36 Outliner
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Types of associated treatments

Detailed description

The ML 36 Outliner by PHENIX is a silhouette remodeling unit. It is exclusively for medical professionals.

Treatments :

The ML 36 Outliner combines the effects of 3 actions :

  1. The action of low frequency ultrasound unfocused
  2. The action of the adipo-stressful and toning electrostimulation
  3. The action of the drainage electrostimulation

From the first sessions you will notice the effects of these actions :

  • centimeter loss of the treated area
  • firming tissue
  • improvement of the trophism of the subcutaneous tissues.


Ultrasound is applied to the target areas by three cells (each transmitter dimensions: 170 x 60 mm) or 4 cells (each transmitter dimensions: 220 x 60 mm) and Phytoprofil ultrasound conductive gel.

With the ML 36 Outliner you have 6 transmitters of 4 cells and 4 transmitters of 3 cells so that they can be treated in the same meeting all body parts infiltrated.

The electostimulation is applied by means of 8 adhesive electrodes whose location is indicated on the accompanying CD and during the training.

The ML36 Outliner is delivered with :

  • 6 transmitters of 4 cells
  • 4 transmitters of 3 cells
  • 2 output cables of 1.80 m and 8 wires color of 1m
  • 2 bags of 4 adhesive electrodes 90 x 50 mm
  • 1 jar with ultrasound gel 1Kg Phyto Profile
  • 1 user manual
  • 1 disc of explanation of the method in its principles and methods of application
  • 80 morphological assessments on paper (woman)
  • 20 morphological assessments on paper (men)
  • 1 poster about the ML 36 Outliner contouring technique for the waiting room
  • 50 information leaflets on the silhouette remodeling technique for your patients
  • 100 card appointment

2 years warranty

Standards :

Certification ISO 13485 by LNE / GMED
CE Marking 0459
Class IIb device designed and manufactured according to European directive 93/42/EC


Technical specifications

Weight : 18 kg
Size : 11 x 4.5 x 6 cm (Height x Width x Depth)

Benefits of the product

Silhouette refined
Volume loss
Toning the skin tissue
microcirculatory standardization
A totally painless treatment
Design and ergonomics specially designed for the comfort of the therapist