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Electrotherapy moving part : the technology know-how PHENIX® !

Any electrostimulation at your fingertips, thanks to :

4 channels of stimulation or 2 stimulators 2 serial channels, and in one device!

An evolutionary product, which allows to use an optional third, a fourth ... and up to 6 stimulators.

Because in everyday you have chosen efficiency, we offer a Portable PHENIX with the best of our knowledge.

Until now, you had the choice between a complete electrostimulation device but complex or a simple device to use but poor in therapeutic solutions and media use. But never both, and never a full nude.

Avec le PHENIX NANO Portable PHYSIOSTIM,  votre attente est satisfaite. Toute l’électrostimulation, grâce à 2 stimulateurs de 2 voies, dans un appareil de qualité intégrant des traitements éprouvés, des informations détaillées sur chacun des programmes, un guide de placement des électrodes, le tout accessible par une tablette avec écran couleur et tactile.

With the PHENIX NANO Portable PHYSIOSTIM, your wait is satisfied. Any electrostimulation with 2 stimulators of 2 channels in a quality device incorporating proven treatments, detailed information on each program, an electrode placement guide, all accessible via a tablet with touch screen and color.
Any electrotherapy and all current * gathered in 119 treatment programs covering all the most common indications in the office, in a rehabilitation center or at home.
* Ongoing excitomoteurs, current conventional analgesics -TENS, TENS Endorphin, BURST, trophic currents, current tonolyse, and iontophoretic galvanic current, running for denervated muscle.

The process parameters (frequency, pulse width, duration, intensity) can be changed easily during the session


The PHENIX NANO PHYSIOSTIM Portable is delivered with :

  •  1 tablet configured DAL
  •  2 multi-subject PODs
  •  1 charger PODs
  •  2 output cables to 4 son
  •  1 tablet support
  •  1 screen protector
  •  1 Lithium Polymer Rechargeable Extended
  •  1 packet of electrodes 4 50 x 50
  •  3 straps
  •  1 power supply medical standards
  •  1 User Manual


Options :

Additional POD MultiPatients  :

Multiply the electrostimulation applications on your PHENIX NANO Portable PHYSIOSTIM with MultiPatients. A POD MultiPatients allows you to treat a patient while your NANO is used to treat another patient. Since your NANO (even during treatment) you forward a stimulation program in 2 seconds on your POD MultiPatients. So you start your treatment in another box or home. A POD MultiPatients has two stimulation channels (analgesia, reinforcement, drainage, trophicity ...) and can also be used with the Nano as a second POD processing for programs requiring 4 stimulation channels.

With the PHENIX NANO PHYSIOSTIM Portable, you can use up to 6 POD multi-subject.

Carrying case


Standards :

Certification ISO 13485 by LNE / GMED
CE Marking 0459
Class IIb device designed and manufactured according to European directive 93/42 / EC



Benefits of the product

Comfort and freedom of movement for therapist and patient
Orthostatic and orthodynamic rehabilitation for simple everyday life
Stimulation Comfort
Ergonomics: mobility, lightness, portability
Extremely easy to use
DAL software: flexibility of use, modification of parameters
High-resolution touch screen display on a Windows tablet: comfort and convenience
Therapeutic assistant: helps find a program in seconds with only one clinical sign
Associate each patient record with the names and numbers of the treatment sessions

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