PHENIX USB Micro seul
PHENIX USB Micro seul
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Stimulation, biofeedback, Wireless Excellence without compromise
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Detailed description

Stimulation, biofeedback, Wireless
Excellence without compromise

Features :

POD stimulation/biofeedback

A POD stim / bio is a mobile unit of stimulation and biofeedback that communicates with the central unit wirelessly. Each POD stim / bio includes 2 stimulation ways and 2 biofeedback ways.


Wireless Biofeedback : POD stim / bio is placed on the patient. Clipped to a belt, it is connected to the probe and / or the electrodes. Wireless between the patient and the CPU, biofeedback is enriched many difficult exercises to perform on a wired system. Each POD stim / bio transmits and instantly displays biofeedback curves on the screen. Rehabilitation can be conducted in orthostatic and orthodynamic.

Wireless electrostimulation : The disappearance of wireline between the central unit and the patient simplifies the implementation of the session, and gives a lot of flexibility for electrostimulation treatments that can now be integrated into the exercises of reentrainment to the effort.

Associated electrostimulation and biofeedback : For patients who have differences in integrating a motor pattern, the combination of wireless stimulation and biofeedback creates in a few seconds sensorimotor experience. The patient can easily reproduce in the feedback control both in static and ortho dynamic. (Examples: Learning physiological refocusing of the shoulder, learning reflex perineal lock, etc).

Quality of biofeedback : The technology of biofeedback signal is perfectly controlled. The latest generation amplifiers allow a biofeedback curved path pure and fluid without environmental disturbances.

Simple software ... but expert : Software DAL (Design As Liberty) was designed and developed by professionals who know your business and your needs for 20 years. He is there to fit your practices. For example, you answer multiple choice questions by filling in a simple and fast way the clinical signs presented by the patient. The software offers you the therapeutic actions and appropriate treatment programs.

Therapeutic Assistant : You observe, you question, you are evaluating the clinical signs :

  • Urogynecology :

SUI, urgency, leaking, pain ...

  • Physiotherapy :

Pain, inflammation, atrophy, edema ...

The wizard finds and organizes the answers in a comprehensive and coherent treatment.

Simply and only with one clinical sign, the wizard will help you find in a few seconds an analgesic program exito engine, draining, etc.

Treatments :

Perineal rehabilitation
Osteo Articular / Rheumatology
Drainage and trophicity


Options :

The PHENIX manometric 1 or 2 channel(s) and POD universal :

In many therapeutic situations (sphincter failure, constipation, rectal dissynergies...) it is necessary to use an inflatable probe (vaginal or anal) connected to a manometric module.

One, two or thre channel(s) digital manometric module PHENIX® allows you to display recorded pressures of the balloons on the screen and to practice biofeedback exercises for : 

- Rehabilitation of sphincter deficiencies

- Evaluation of anal continence reflexes

- Rehabilitation of constipation

- Rehabilitation of anal-rectal dissynergies (RSSR work)

With the wireless technology of the PHENIX USB Micro, the use of a manometric module and an inflatable sensor becomes easier.


The PHENIX USB Micro is delivered with :

  • The central unit
  • 1 POD stim/bio with two channels
  • 1 power supply with medical standards


Standards :

Certification ISO 13485 by LNE / GMED
CE Marking 0459
Class IIb device designed and manufactured according to European directive 93/42 / EC


Benefits of the product

Access to multiple DAL software features
BFB exercises easier than with wires and safe for equipment
Orthodynamic and orthostatic reeducation for setting condition of simple daily life
Possibility of integrating electrostimulation treatment in dynamic exercises reentrainment to effort
Comfort stimulation
Perfection of EMG
The ergonomics of wireless at wireline prices
Most of the excellence of a PC device with ease
Convenience and ease of use
Modernity and design
Lightness and portability
DAL software: scalability, flexibility, anatomical charts
Battery life
No reference electrode
Therapeutic wizard: helps to find a program in a few seconds with a single clinical signs
Creating patient files

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