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VIVALTIS operates daily alongside thousands of therapists who support incontinence problems, circulation and slimming. We put this experience at your service.


Heavy legs, it is not inevitable!

Les jambes lourdes sont principalement la conséquence :

Heavy legs are mainly the result of :

  • pregnancy
  • our heredety
  • de nos modes de vie (excès d'alimentation, tabac, talons hauts, vêtements serrés, sédentarité)
  • our lifestyles (overeating, smoking, high heels, tight clothing, inactivity)

It affects millions of people, mainly women.

There are several ways to relieve all those who suffer :

  • manual lymphatic drainage
  • pressotherapy
  • the veinotonic
  • Comrpession stockings
  • Electrostimulation drainage : practise a physiotherapist with a PHENIX device


Stimulation of smooth muscle fibers promotes venous and lymphatic return and relieves heavy legs.

Treatment of tired legs with PHENIX device is not only effective, but painless.

For contact with a therapist near you, feel free to contact us!




Finally a solution to my incontinence!

Why me?

Most of the time, urinary leakage due to weak sphincter, ie the small muscles around the urethra (urine canal evacuating) and a weakness of the perineum (the muscle under the bladder).

In an effort or voltage, these muscles are not sufficiently resistant to the abdominal pressure, hence the flow of urine suddenly.

There is a solution ... rehabilitation!

In most cases 10 to 20 well-conducted rehabilitation sessions are sufficient.

The solution is not complicated, it involves remuscler perineum by rehabilitation sessions with physiotherapist or midwife. (Postpartum).

Two painless techniques are practiced :

  • The electrostimulation, which comprises contracting the perineum using a probe connected to a low frequency current generator.
  • Biofeedback, which uses your participation. For the on-screen display of your voluntary contractions, you resume control of the neuromuscular system which ensures continence and thus the disappearance of leaks.

The devices of the brand PHENIX meet French safety standards and demanding European. It allows the practice of treatment and the preparation of assessments adapted to your personal situation.
It is used daily by thousands of therapists in private practice and hospital.



My incontinence : I speak !

You are not alone, you are not the one to be bothered!

Millions of people feel the same discomfort in everyday life.

Yet there are effective treatments ... if you dare talk to your doctor, physiotherapist, or midwife.

How it works?

Control of our urine is provided by three elements :

  • A sufficient capacity bladder that expands to progressively filling
  • A tonic urethral sphincter which ensures effective closure
  • A neurological condition in order that transmits at a time that is chosen, the order to the sphincter to relax and reflex bladder to contract to empty.


Why I have leaks?

Mostly urine leakage due to weak sphincters, that is to say the small muscles around the urethra (urine canal evacuating) and weakness perineal muscle under the bladder.

In an effort or voltage, these muscles are not sufficiently resistant to the abdominal pressure where the flow suddenly urine.

A number of factors favor leaks:
  • Injuries related to childbirth
  • The recurrent urinary tract infections
  • Enuresis in Children
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity


Talk to your therapist!




Aesthetic issues

How does a session with the ML 36?




The morphological assessment

During the first session, the therapist performs a personalized assessment with field measurements, listening to detect possible against indications, assess your goals and define a protocol of care.

Development of the session

Installing patches on the areas to be treated after application of Phyto Profile Gel and implementation of the electrodes.

After adjusting the intensity, the session can begin. It lasts 45 minutes and is painless.

The results

Your therapist will define with you when the number of personalized assessment session and the frequency. The entire treatment ranges on average 6-8 sessions close together, followed by a regular maintenance session.

The ML method is an effective method of body contouring through :

  • a loss of volume of the treated areas
  • firmin
  • an improvement in the appearance of cellulite
  • a realignment
  • improving microcirculation