Did you know ? In 2008, VIVALTIS has moved to new premises in Montpellier integrating a large room of 100 m² dedicated to the training of its customers!

Who we are

VIVALTIS was created in August 1999 by Georges BILLARD that put the company's service his professional experience in design office and market knowledge of rehabilitation.
VIVALTIS designs, manufactures and markets physical therapy tools designed for physiotherapists and midwives.
Based in Montpellier, we benefit from the proximity of a university medical center and among the largest in Europe. We put our customers at the heart of our business approach.
Surrounded during the creation of the business by market players, Vivaltis team has set itself the goal of being the partner functional rehabilitation professionals for the design of their physiotherapy tools until accompaniment in the use of these tools.


Missions and activities

Missions :

  • Recognized by the technology of its products, Vivaltis creates solutions based on user expectations
  • VIVALTIS helps improve people's lives through innovative products and solutions

Activities :

  • Company positioned in the markets of rehabilitation and welfare, on 4 of the 5 continents: Europe, Asia, Africa, America. The PHENIX brand is present in 15 countries
  • Number 1 in the sector, with a turnover of 4 M € in 2014,  more than 50% from exports


Strategy and attitude

A visionary strategy to :

  • Improve the health of patients through timely innovations and unique technologies
  • Being a partner of functional rehabilitation professionals from the design of their tools to physiotherapy support in the use of these tools.


A professional attitude to : 

  • Being sources of innovative ideas
  • Realize our projects
  • Work as a team to achieve excellence

For Vivaltis team, customer needs are its inspiration.


We do not claim to be leaders, we prove :

In top-level sport, it is not enough to claim to be the champion to win the competition. You have to prepare hard, compete and excel to snatch the victory that gives legitimacy to claim the title.

In stimulation and biofeedback technologies, there is no longer enough to claim to be the leader to be or become, we must prove it. For as the men and women who compose, a society is judged on his actions more than words.

Where others make long rhetoric to assert leader, we prefer to talk about our actions because only these acts will count when you need to choose the equipment that will accompany you in your daily exercise for many, many years.


  • Le premier et le seul fabricant stim bio à vous proposer des téléformations, car nous savons que vous n'avez pas toujours le temps de vous déplacer...
  • 1st prize 2012 from FIEEC for the development of the first and only computerized wireless stimulation and biofeedback system.
  • The first and only stimulation and biofeedback system which works for network in order to share your patients files and treatments on all your care units.
  • Taking into account from the design of a singular design and rewarding for you and your care center.
  •    International influence evidenced by its presence in 15 countries worldwide, and over 50% of its turnover generated abroad
  • A partnership with the second largest manufacturer of urodynamic chains. Present in 60 countries, it chose us because only our technological innovations, usability of our software and the reliability of our devices could meet the requirements of its customers urologists and obstetricians.
  • Acquired or in the process of standards: CE, SFDA China, Mexico, Brazil, Canada
  • 13,000 customers with worldwide
  • 1600 hospitals in China
  • The only stimulation and biofeedback devices that automatically update via the Internet
  •  A training center of more than 200 m2 built in our factory and available to rehabilitation professionals.
  • The first and only stim bio manufacturer to offer you teletraining because we know you do not have always time to move ...
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