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Graphic quality, therapeutic grade, no compromise

The effectiveness of electrostimulation and wireless biofeedback merged with the ergonomics of a tablet to expand your efficiency.
Without sacrificing quality of care, you take ownership your PHENIX NANO and mastered in a few minutes. He will accompany you everywhere.

A light and practical tablet

The graphics resolution of the tablet allows you unprecedented comfort of use. The touch screen of this tool combined with the ergonomics of the software gives you easy access to your treatment programs. You can launch them in a few seconds.

POD stimulation/biofeedback

Un POD stim/bio est une unité mobile de stimulation et de biofeedback qui communique avec l’unité centrale par liaison sans fil. Chaque POD stim/bio comporte 2 voies de stimulation et 2 voies de biofeedback. 

POD stimulation / biofeedback

A POD stim / bio is a mobile unit of stimulation and biofeedback that communicates with the central unit wirelessly. Each POD stim / bio includes two channels of stimulation and two channels of biofeedback.

Wireless biofeedback

A POD stim / bio is placed on the patient. Clipped to a belt, it is connected to the probe and / or the electrodes. Wireless between the patient and the CPU, biofeedback is enriched many difficult exercises to perform with a wired equipment. Each POD stim / bio transmits and instantly displays biofeedback curves on the screen. The rehabilitation may be conducted in orthostatic and orthodynamic without interference induced by the cables.

Electrostimulation sans fil

La disparition des fils entre l’unité centrale et le patient simplifie la mise en place de la séance, et donne beaucoup de souplesse aux traitements d’électrostimulation qui peuvent désormais être intégrés dans les exercices de réentrainement à l’effort.

Electrostimulation Wireless

The disappearance of the son between the central unit and the patient simplifies the implementation of the session, and gives a lot of flexibility for electrostimulation treatments that can now be integrated into reentrainment exercises to the effort.

Electrostimulation et biofeedback associés 

Chez les patients qui présentent des difficultés à intégrer un schéma moteur, l’association de la stimulation et du biofeedback sans fil permet de créer durant quelques secondes une expérience sensori-motrice. Le patient peut aisément la reproduire sous rétrocontrôle tant en orthostatique qu'en orthodynamique. (Exemples : apprentissage du recentrage physiologique de l’épaule, apprentissage du réflexe du verrouillage périnéal, etc.)

Electrostimulation and biofeedback associated

In patients who have difficulties in integrating a motor pattern, the combination of stimulation and biofeedback Wireless creates in a few seconds sensorimotor experience. The patient can easily reproduce in the feedback both in orthostatic and orthodynamic. (Examples: Learning physiological refocusing of the shoulder, learning reflex perineal lock, etc.)

Therapeutic assistant

Simply and only with one clinical sign, the wizard will help you find within seconds an analgesic program exito-motor, drainage, etc.

You observe, you question, you are evaluating the clinical signs:

  • Urogynécology :

IUE, impériosité, fuites, douleurs…Urinary incontinence, urge, leaking, pain ...

  • Physiotherapy :

Pain, inflammation, atrophy, edema ...

The wizard finds and organizes the answers in a comprehensive and coherent treatment

Patients files

PHENIX Portable NANO has a patient file accessible thanks to its high resolution touch screen. You can start your treatment from your patient file, his name and date will be stored. Thus, it will be easy to duplicate and restart at the next sitting.


Electrostimulation : Excito currents engines, currents analgesics (TENS Conventional, TENS endorphinic, BURST), trophic currents, draining currents, galvanic current. Maximum intensity: 100 mA - Setting in 0.5 mA Pulse width: 30 microseconds to 4000 microseconds - Frequency: 1 Hz to 150 Hz.

Biofeedback : Scale : From 0 to 2000 µv  - Guide curves

Dimensions :

Tablet :          125 x 206  x 12 mm    /      400g                         

POD :             54 x 80 x 41 mm          /      100g

Battery :  Long term lithium polymer   Electrical Safety Class : Class IBF

Safety Tests : PHENIX NANO Portable complies with the standard safety regulations IEC 60601-1 medical electrical devices, the standard IEC 60601-1-2 EMC and safety standard for nerve stimulators and IEC 60601-2-10 muscles.



Electrostimulation and biofeedback at the locomotor device service
Time required
3 499,00€
Electrotherapy moving part : the technology know-how PHENIX® !
Traitements associés:
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1 999,00€
Perineal rehabilitation with facility
Time required
3 199,00€