PHENIX MultiPatients

Multi-processing, multi-therapists, Multi-patients
Référence : PHENIXMP
PHENIX Multipatients
POD Multipatients
Traitement PHENIX Multipatients
PHENIX Multipatients
POD Multipatients
Traitement PHENIX Multipatients
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PHENIX MultiPatients - Forget everything you know about the stimulators

The PHENIX MultiPatients is the first stimulator that treats many patients in several rooms simultaneously!

Features :

Multi-therapists :

Whether you work alone or with others, you still have the tool you need with the program you need, where you need it. Each therapist access their favorite programs and their patients.

Multi-processing :

A neuro device assessment here, analgesic treatment in another room, a home edema drainage.

In analgesia, reinforcement, drainage and trophicity
Download a new treatment for each new session or dedicate for example one  POD for TENS, one POD for muscle atrophy, one POD for veno-lymphatic treatments

For the assessment and the treatment of peripheral neuro damage
Make your assessment and memorize it on the patient file
Download the treatment in a POD and treat in another box

In iontophoresis

• Do not take risks, the software DAL guides you and setting the intensity level to not exceeded

Multi-Patients :

1, 2, 3 ... and up to 6 patients treated at the same time.
You download the program, you have chosen on the screen, in one of the PODs and in 1 second the POD is ready for use. You just have to install your patient in the room of your choice.
• Treat until 3 patients in both 3 different places or combine 2 PODs on the same patient.

Treatment programs :

The General electrotherapy : Analgesic, muscular atrophy, trauma, rheumatology, articular osteo ...

The veno-lymphatic currents : For electrical stimulation of the muscle fiber smooth they improve, often in a spectacular way, ischemia, hematoma, edema, induration, retractions etc. In all cases they improve drainage and local trophic and diffuse.

The assessment and treatment of neuro affected devices : Accurate determination of rheobase, the chronaxie and climalyse and automatic setting of the treatment session.

The MultiPatients is delivered with :
  • 2 PODs MultiPatients
  • 1 power supply with medical standards
  •  1 software CD
  • 1 USB cable
  • 4 electrodes 50x50 mm
  • 1 user manual


Standards :

Certification ISO 1348 by LNE / GMED
CE Marking 0459
Class IIb device designed and manufactured according to European directive 93/42 / EC

Technical specifications

Weight : 1 kg
Size : 1.2 x 0.7 x 2.5 cm (Height x Width x Depth)

Benefits of the product

Multiprocessing, multipatients, multithérapeutes
Therapeutic assistant
The first stimulator that treats many patients in several rooms simultaneously
Wireless technology
Miniaturized and ergonomic device
Versatility : varied and full range of treatments
After sales service

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The multipatients POD is a remote mobile unit of the machine (while retaining its power and its programs).
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